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we do things differently

We won't throw you to the wolves after your project is done. 

For us, it's more about relationships. 

Why work with SE2M? We're here to help you successfully navigate your online marketing and communications needs. We'll build you a website and give you the tools, training, and guidance you'll need on your path to online independence. Don't worry, we won't throw you to the wolves when your project is done. We can help as much or as little as you need us to.

"In building our website, they understood our need to easily update the site, and brought us solutions and tools to offer improved content for our visitors. They are honest, passionate, and talented, and have our best interested at heart. It is always a pleasure to work with their team!"
Leslie Gower, VP Marketing and Communications
Downtown Memphis Commission

Process OverView


Below you will find a brief overview of our process.  A detailed process is included in our Planning and Delivery Strategy Guide.  



  1. Complete the Getting Started Questionnaire 

  2. We'll send our Recommendations and estimates based on your feedback. 
  3. Identify the packages and/or services you would like to purchase. 
  4. We'll send you our Planning and Delivery Guide, Invoice, and Terms of Service. The planning guide will provide you a checklist in preparing content, organizing assets, and options for delivery of your assets.
  5. Production begins as soon as all content and assets have been delivered as described in the SE2M Planning and Delivery Strategy Guide.

If you follow our planning and delivery guidelines, your site will be ready in less than 30 days!* 

*Rush options are available upon request.


  1. Phase 1 - Planning, Navigation, and Layout
    We start by creating a working website with sample content. This gives us the opportunity to work out navigation and layout issues without committing to complex design or content formatting. A working beta site not only helps visualize your site structure but it also helps you to understand how content many be organized for optimum results. When phase 1 is completed you will have the opportunity to review, discuss, and make changes. We'll also offer suggestions and solutions that will help to improve performance. 
  2. Phase 2 - Design and Content 
    In this phase we’ll add your content, finalize layout and design, and connect all necessary services such as domain names, email services, payment options, social services, etc. At the end of Phase 2 you will have the opportunity to review, discuss, and make changes before going live. Again, at this point we will offer suggestions and solutions to improve performance. 
  3. Phase 3 - Training and Launching
    In this phase we soft launch your site. A soft launch helps us gather useful customer data and feedback before the official launch date.  We will use this data and feedback to make any necessary changes before the official launch. Training will take place during the soft launch of your site and is provided via Skype or Google Chat. At the end of Phase 3 we will officially launch the site and archive your production materials.


If you need additional marketing, training, or other services, it typically begins after a successful site launch.