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Getting Started Questionnaire

The following questions help us understand the kind of project you want to create, the assets you have to work with, the skill level of your staff, and the resource requirements you will need. We use your feedback to offer recommendations and provide time and cost estimates. Following our process helps keep expenditures low, expedite production, and provide a high quality product. We will help you navigate the production process, implement good online marketing practices, and train you to understand and use the recommended tools.   

If you need help with the questionnaire, we’ll be happy to assist you. 

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Technical Support
Would you like to retain SE2M as your annual support team? This means our expertise and guidance is available to you year around to answer questions, solve issues or guide you in planning for the future.
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Project Type

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Website Name

Who currently manages the domain Name Servers and/or DNS records?
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Media Types

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Image Galleries
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basic SEO is included in every website.
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Email Needs
If you currently have Email, who is your provider?
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Email Preference
Your email can either be associated with your domain (website) or you can simply use a service provider such as gmail. In some cases you can keep the email you have and have alias email accounts associate with your domain forwarded to your current email account(s) .
If you need an email solution not listed here please describe it here.


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Content Management System

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